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"yuck sick" - ink in moleskine

Okay, it's been a week since I've updated, and a week since I've painted. It's been a ridiculous week, with SXSW Interactive in Austin for the first half, then a speech at my alma mater in Illinois for the second half.

Now I'm just chilling at home, recuperating... but I'm itching to get back home to SF and start painting again! Saw so many inspiring things, wrote down so many ideas and notes, but I'm so far away from my studio =(.

Also, I'm sick. Failure.

But there's one thing today that inspired me to post --
I've been a longtime fan of Audrey Kawasaki and finally was able to buy a print! They went on sale at 9am pst, and were SOLD OUT withing 50 seconds. Ridiculous.

Luckily, I was one of those lucky enough to be sitting at my computer refreshing until the button popped up.

Here's a link to the piece I purchased-- 'Lacey' -

Okay, done. I get back to SF on Sunday, so if I'm not ridiculously tired, hopefully I'll have a new painting up sometime that night =)

*update* - sad.... i was one of the 90 or so people who clicked it too late to get the print, but not before they closed sales... no print for me.... next time though, next time...

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