"Mountain Sketch"

"Mountain Sketch" - big fat sharpie on cardboard - 9" x 7"

So I actually had finished an ink and watercolor piece for tonight -- but I wanted to try something new. When I last went home to Chicago to visit, my mom gave me a book of traditional Chinese paintings (guo hua).

She liked the style that I've been developing thus far, and thought I might benefit from seeing some actual pieces (well, images in a book, at least) to gain inspiration from.

Here's a quick sketch I did only using that big fat sharpie -- I really like it a lot! Definitely a different feeling from my normal mountain sketches... much more three dimensional. I'll have to try to inject more of this style into my work...

Thanks mom!

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  1. ya i like it... its realy buitiful.... im an artist my self, and i do black and white only... im in to the asian style too.... if i could have an e-mail from you... i could send some of my work to you..... just throing some ideas..... well my e-mail is simple_insperation07@yahoo.com thnx =D

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