Live Painting: Asian Heritage Festival

This past Saturday, I did some live painting at the Kearny Street Workshop booth, promoting the arts for Asian Americans in the Bay area. It was a ton of fun, and I got some really great pieces out of it!

Here are the resulting pieces -- click through to see higher res images...

"Living Tree" - watercolor and marker on paper - 10" x 7"

"Mountain in Bloom" - watercolor and marker on paper - 16" x 12"

"Purple Bunny" - watercolor and marker on paper - 10" x 7"

Live painting is always a fun experience -- this was probably the third or fourth time I've done it, but this was the longest time and largest (potential) crowd I've ever painted for. There would be moments where I would look up and there are twenty people staring at me. Other times it would be nothing except for the occasional sidelong glance.

I met a bunch of great people and had some really good conversations though. Always a good time =)

I'm not normally a hat person, but yesterday was boiling. I think my face would have peeled off if the guys in the next booth hadn't given me a free hat. Free hat, free hat, free hat.

There were lots of people interested in my work -- one guy asked if I could draw something on his sketchbook.

He was happy =).

There were others interested as emerging artists themselves -- here's an inquisitive girl who lingered for a while asking very specific questions about technique and methodology.

"You have the rest of your art on your website?" "Yup."

All in all, a good day! Very tiring, but very fulfilling. Although I'm about three shades darker and half of my brain is cooked, I would definitely do it again given the opportunity.


13 comments :: Live Painting: Asian Heritage Festival

  1. very nice. I especially like the Mountain in bloom!

    It's cool that you got to do a live paint, and cool for the guy who got a decorated sketchbook.

    I wish I could have been there! good work, thanks for sharing, as always.

  2. All your paintings are phenomenal! I love your style. :)

  3. Purple bunny is so cuteee.

    And I want stuff on my sketchbook too!

  4. First off, it looks like the festival was a great time.

    Secondly, Larry + Hats = Larry looking like a two year old boy who molests one year old boys. However, I understand it was hot out.

    Finally, at this festival, were there hundreds of people running in all directions for seemingly no reason?

  5. Thanks guys, glad you enjoyed the post!


    1. Thanks!
    2. I know I do.
    3. Yes, but they may have also been running towards food.

  6. Do you ever sell your work? Living Tree is incredible. I love green.


  7. Hey Max, glad you like it! Yep, most of my paintings are for sale -- "Living Tree" is available for $300 -- please email me if you're interested!



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