Cardboard Doodlescape


"Cardboard Doodlescape" - gel pen on cardboard - 11" x 9"

Finished up yesterday's work in progress. Thoughts?

Yup, not much else to say.

'night =).

Cardboard Doodle WIP


"Cardboard Doodle" WIP - gel pen on cardboard - 11" x 9"

The packing continues. At least I'm not sick anymore! Now I can go back to tending all these pigs that I found on the street. They're quite cuddly, but for some reason they keep dying.

Swine flu jokes aside, I'll be so glad when this move is done.

Okay, 'night =)



"Neighbors" - ink on paper - 7" x 6"

The packing continues... drew this little guy on a break.

Blah! Why do I have so much stuff!?


"Bird Dropping"


"Bird Dropping" - pen on paper - ~12" x 12"

Moving sucks. Moving while being sick sucks even more. =/ The cold / sinus / thing that I had got worse then better over the weekend, and now I'm taking a day off of work...

More time to pack, I suppose, but I should probably be laying around and recuperating.

Anyway, here's a weird bird pooping sketch that I did.

Moving sucks!


"Moving Sucks" - digital

Packing everything up for the big move next week... how the hell did I accumulate so much stuff!? BLAH, moving is great, but the process sucks. Someone needs to fix that.

Sick Lawrence


"Sick Lawrence" - digital.

Bleghhhhhhhh....... going to sleep early tonight...

"Desert Plant"


"Desert Plant" - marker on paper - 12" x 12"

Another marker drawing for tonight... kind of nice to do these monochromatic pieces for a change!


Mountain Flows WIP 1


"Mountain Flows" - WIP 1 - marker on paper - 19" x 12"

Had some friends over for art night... was a nice chill time, just hanging out, drawing talking. Since most of my supplies are packed up for the impending move, I decided to work on some marker stuff.

Liking where this one is going, haven't done anything like this in a while! =)

'night -

Rough Day


"Rough Day" - ink on paper

It was a tough one... That's all I have to say about that. Also, I'm in the process of getting ready to move to a new place. So it may be digital stuff or ink / pencil drawings while I'm packing everything up.

In other news, the folks at Giant Robot posted some pictures of the Tree Show. It was a good time! Here's a link to their Flickr set.

Okay, 'night.

Too Much Drinky


Too Much Drinky - digital.

Last night was fun! This morning was rough.

But it's a beautiful day, going to go out to enjoy it. The show at Giant Robot is tonight, hope to see you all there!


Large Blue WIP 4


Large Blue WIP 4 - gouache, ink and watercolor on prepared wood - 18" x 24"

Tentatively thinking of titling this one "Invaders" -- for obvious reasons =). Almost done with this, hope my friend who commissioned this piece will like it!

'night --

King of the Mountain


"King of the Mountain" - digital

Felt like drawing something intricate and purple today.


Large Blue WIP 3


Large Blue WIP - gouache, ink and watercolor on prepared wood - 18" x 24"

Whoops, turns out i've been spelling 'gouache' wrong this whole time. Failure.

Anyway, now that the pieces are all submitted for the show this weekend, I had time to work on this commissioned piece for a friend. Added in more detail to the mountains and sprinkling in some white blossoms around the trees =).

k, 'night!

"Floating Bunny"


"Floating Bunny" - digital

Haven't done a digital piece in a while... this was fun to draw =)

Cloud Forest Series


Cloud Forest Series: click through for larger images of the final pieces =)

Hi all, here's my latest series for a show at Giant Robot San Francisco next week. It's their annual "Tree Show", so all tree themed art, with some proceeds benefiting a reforestation nonprofit... Here is a 'cloud forest' through the four seasons...

The show is Saturday, April 18th at Giant Robot, San Francisco. So if you're in the area definitely come by to check it out, there will be a ton of great artists there =)

View show details | RSVP on Facebook

Fall Cloud Forest


"Fall Cloud Forest" - ink and watercolor on paper - 10" x 7"

Finished this late last night, haven't had a chance to post it yet. Been running around all day trying to finish prepping and framing my pieces for the next show! Got a handle on things now, so I'll just post this last piece of the series before dropping everything off at the gallery.

Also, just sent out an update newsletter to my mailing list -- you can take a look here if you're so inclined.

View show details | RSVP on Facebook

Fall Cloud Forest WIP


"Fall Cloud Forest" WIP 2 - watercolor on paper - 9" x 7"

"Fall Cloud Forest" WIP 1 - watercolor on paper - 9" x 7"

Third in the series... last one to complete -- Fall piece. Hummm, will have to do a bit of work on the other pieces to bring them all in line with the whole series. Hopefully won't have to redo any of them =P


Giant Robot Tree Show V

So these past few days / weeks I've been posting these "Cloud Forest" paintings -- all getting ready for the upcoming Giant Robot Tree Show V show! They just posted the flyer and details -- click through for the full press release.

Exciting stuff, can't wait to see how everyone else interprets the theme.

Also, the artwork on the flyer is Robert Bellm's -- I recently purchased a piece of his... absolutely stunning work =)

It'll be a good show!

Okay, back to work...

"Winter Cloud Forest"


"Winter Cloud Forest" - ink and watercolor on paper - 9" x 7"

Hooray, I'm really happy with how this one turned out! The first, second and fourth pieces for this series are now sort of done (I'll probably end up going back and touching up Spring and Summer --) All that's left after that is Fall! And then I'm ready for the Giant Robot Tree Show =)

More process pics below...


"Winter Cloud Forest" - WIP 4 - ink and watercolor on paper - 9" x 7"

"Winter Cloud Forest"- WIP 3 - ink and watercolor on paper - 9" x 7"

Winter Cloud Forest WIP


"Winter Cloud Forest" - WIP 2 - ink and watercolor on paper - 9" x 7"

"Winter Cloud Forest" - WIP 1 - watercolor on paper - 9" x 7"

The beginnings of the third in the series...

Also, for those of you who normally leave comments, you'll notice there's a new word completion thing to fill out... sorry about that, but I've started getting all sorts of spam comments =(.

okay, time to sleep =P

"Spring Cloud Forest"


"Spring Cloud Forest" - ink and watercolor on paper - 9" x 7"

I think this is going to be a series... I should probably go back to the original pink "Cloud Forest" and rename it "Summer Cloud Forest". Humm. I guess we'll see how it goes, I'm not sure if I'm liking the puffy cloud trees yet. Haha.

We'll see what it looks like tomorrow, I suppose.

'night -

Large Blue WIP 2


Large Blue WIP 2 - gauche, ink and watercolor on prepared wood - 18" x 24"

Truckin' along... may have to put this one temporarily on hold, there's another show coming up at Giant Robot in a couple weeks =).

"City Trawler"


"City Trawler" - ink and watercolor on paper - 9" 7"

Some more exploration with different textures and themes... A bit more abstract than some of my other stuff, but still has a nice feel to it =).

Sleepy time!

Large Blue WIP


Large Blue WIP - gauche and watercolor on prepared wood - 18" x 24"

The beginnings of a painting / commission / trade for a friend -- haven't done something this big in a long time. I put the business card there to show the scale of the piece.

The initial wash turned out well, hopefully the rest will too =)