Monkey King WIP

"Monkey King" WIP - 17" x 14"

Cheating a bit with this. I've already finished the piece at this point, but I thought I would just mention that at this point in the process I have no idea what I would be drawing. The Monkey King grew organically out of a few well placed scribbles =)

Green Wood WIP

"Green Wood" WIP - watercolor on board - 8" x 8"

Not much to say today.

"Blue Triptych"

"Blue Triptych" - ink, watercolor and colored pencil on illustration board - 3" x 14" each

Revisited some earlier themes with this piece... it turned out pretty well! I'll have to try to work this kind of simplicity into more of my new pieces... =)

Moon LP

"Moon LP" - mixed media on a record

The third and final piece for the Lower Hater show "Vinyl Apocalypse."

I'm pretty stoked to see what everyone else is doing for their records. It should prove very interesting =)

"The Garden"

"The Garden" - mixed media on wood - 6" x 6"

Hmm, not doing so well on this one post a day thing. I'll need to step it up.. =P

I like this one though. It's kind of weird but cool.

Tree LP

"Tree LP" - mixed media on an LP

Worked on it some more. If it's not done yet, it's close at least =)

Factory LP

"Factory LP" - paint pen on LP

Lost track of time working on this one... I think it came out pretty good though!

Tree LP

"Tree LP" - gesso, ink, and watercolor on an LP

Almost done with this one... another LP that I will be submitting to the Lower Haters show =).

Vinyl 1 WIP 1

Vinyl 1 WIP 1 - paint pen on a vinyl record

So here's soethgn I'm working on for the next show -- "Vinyl Apocalypse" at the Lower Hater gallery in SF.

Looking forward to it, hopefully I'll have time to finish a few pieces to submit to the show =)

This was a triumph


Friday was a huge success! I never could have imagined the show going as well as it did. Tons of friends, coworkers, friends of friends, and random people showed up to check out the art. I ended up selling a bit over half of the work on the opening night.

The work will be up for another month and a half, and I will be updating my art site ( to reflect what pieces are still for sale.

So good, so good.

Now that that's done, on to the next! I have a group show every month for the next five months, so I'll be keeping busy. Not as busy as this crazy solo show though =).


"Reclamation" - ink, watercolor and marker on illustration board - 10" x 13"

Wow. It's been almost two weeks since I last posted a piece of art. So after a ton of work and much much appreciated help from my friends, my show is now up and on display at MR. The opening reception won't be until this coming Friday. If you're in the bay area and feel like seeing a show, check out my site at for details.

But I've been working on a piece off and on for the last few days as well. So here it is! "Reclamation" -- I really like it a lot, and am planning on showing it in the upcoming show. Good times, good times.



Hi all, sorry for being MIA - Extremely slammed with preparing for the show. Also very very busy at work. Which all adds up to a very sleep deprived, nervous, tired, excited, slightly insane Lawrence.

But you should all go check out my site:

I've updated it to show which pieces I'll be showing at the solo show =)

K, bye!

Mountain Creatures -- my first solo show!


As you can see above I have big news! My first solo show ever will be on May 16th at MR. I'm really looking forward to it, and have been preparing like a madman. I'll be showing around thirty five pieces, and space will pretty much be filled with my work. Very exciting stuff!

You can take a look at some of the pieces I will be showing in the artwork section of my site, and take a look at the space I will be showing at here.

Digital Triptych WIP 2

Digital Triptych WIP 2 - ink and watercolor on wood + digital

fun fun. 'night!