"Snowman" - 7" x 10" - watercolor, gouache and ink on paper

Took a few tries, but finally got the blue version of the 'simple wash and mountain' series done.

But it looked too boring just like that, so I added a giant mechanical snowman. =)

Art Fail


Sorry, no new art tonight. Hit a wall after work and passed out on the couch for a while. As you can see my studio is sad. Also, he's fond of emoticons.


"Rose Mountain"


"Rose Mountains" - 7" x 10" - watercolor, gouache and ink on paper

Continuing to explore the simple aesthetic. Wow, this one ended up ridiculously cute though. I almost wanted to add a big monster in the background to offset it...

Haha, oh well.



After some friends made fun of my ridiculously cute painting, I decided to make a new version that had more of an edge to it. Here it is, with 78% more Gamera.

"Desert Mountains"


"Desert Mountains" - 7" x 10" - watercolor and ink on paper

In direct contrast to yesterday's piece, I tried to create something simple tonight.

=) I don't usually paint warm color mountain pieces, but maybe I should. . .



"Standoff" - 12" x 9" - ink and gel pen on cardboard

Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend. Here are some fun new textures with white gel pen.

Spatter Blue WIP 2


Spatter Blue WIP - watercolor on paper - 16" x 12"

Cool! I like how the mountains turned out.

I would have posted more progress pics, but this piece no longer exists as you see it here. About five minutes after I took this picture, I drew a tree that I fucked up royally. I'm all about turning mistakes into opportunities, but you didn't see what a horrible mess that this tree was.

I cropped the piece, so now I'm left with a chunk around 7" x 12". Not as nice and expansive as the original size, but I want to salvage what I can of this piece.

Ah well.


Spatter Blue WIP


Spatter Blue WIP - watercolor on paper - 16" x 12"

Starting a new piece... Liking the texture so far =)

Psychedelic Bunny


"Psychedelic Bunny" - digital

Bunny + Shrooms = Psychedelic Bunny





"Podship" - ink and colored pencil on cardboard - 7" x 9"

Art night with buddies... drew something mecho-organic while chatting with friends. Good times, good night =)

First painting video!

Just got some timelapse software, so I did a quick and dirty painting to test it out. It's pretty interesting to see how things happen in fast forward, I'm hoping to do more of these in the future...

Pretty cool, huh?

Live Painting: Asian Heritage Festival

This past Saturday, I did some live painting at the Kearny Street Workshop booth, promoting the arts for Asian Americans in the Bay area. It was a ton of fun, and I got some really great pieces out of it!

Here are the resulting pieces -- click through to see higher res images...

"Living Tree" - watercolor and marker on paper - 10" x 7"

"Mountain in Bloom" - watercolor and marker on paper - 16" x 12"

"Purple Bunny" - watercolor and marker on paper - 10" x 7"

Live painting is always a fun experience -- this was probably the third or fourth time I've done it, but this was the longest time and largest (potential) crowd I've ever painted for. There would be moments where I would look up and there are twenty people staring at me. Other times it would be nothing except for the occasional sidelong glance.

I met a bunch of great people and had some really good conversations though. Always a good time =)

I'm not normally a hat person, but yesterday was boiling. I think my face would have peeled off if the guys in the next booth hadn't given me a free hat. Free hat, free hat, free hat.

There were lots of people interested in my work -- one guy asked if I could draw something on his sketchbook.

He was happy =).

There were others interested as emerging artists themselves -- here's an inquisitive girl who lingered for a while asking very specific questions about technique and methodology.

"You have the rest of your art on your website?" "Yup."

All in all, a good day! Very tiring, but very fulfilling. Although I'm about three shades darker and half of my brain is cooked, I would definitely do it again given the opportunity.




"Refueling" - marker on paper - 17" x 14"

Another odd piece and pretty radical departure from my normal style... I was supposed to work out today, but I kind of obsessed on this one and lost track of time =P.

Haha, oh well.


"Fuck You Up"


"Fuck You Up" - digital

Felt like drawing something weird. So here you go, a foul mouthed puppy riding a dinosaur.

Good times.


Sharpie Monster


"Sharpie Monster" - marker on bristol - 17" x 14"

Weekly art night with friends =). Tried something new and weird with various size sharpie markers... came out pretty cool!


"Water Trees"


"Water Trees" - watercolor and ink on paper - 10" x 7"

Experimenting a bit with lifting the color out of a wash with water... came out with these ghostly trees. Pretty cool, huh?

'night =)

Cardboard Pieces


"Cardboard City" and "Cardboard Mountains" - graphite and colored pencil on cardboard - 6" x 8" each

Here are a couple pieces I finished up for an upcoming show at Giant Robot San Francisco, themed "Pencil Pushers". The opening reception will be from 6:30 to 10:00 pm on Saturday, May 16th 2009. Full details here:

There was a small mixup with the flyer, so I'm not on it... but my stuff will be at the show! =).

"Snail Rider"


"Snail Rider" - digital

Hmm, felt like making something odd and digital. So... here you go. A guy with a fruit tree growing out of his head riding on an oversized spiny snail. Ta da!

'night -

"Depths" - Gelaskins


No new art tonight, but I did get my sample pack of "Depths" skins from the friendly folks at Gelaskins. This is my third skin design with them. Thanks guys!

Here's my iPhone, iPod nano, and the laptop skin that I'll apply to my work laptop tomorrow... Looking good =).

Check out all the Gelaskins at
My artist page at gelaskins is here:

That's all I got, 'night!

Gamera Upchuck WIP


"Gamera Upchuck" WIP - graphite and colored pencil on paper - 9" x 7"

Had some friends over for the first art night at my new place. Good times -- just hanging out, relaxing and creating art with friends. I'm starting to think about an upcoming show where the theme stipulates that only pencil media can be used to create the work... Here's a piece that I may or may not end up showing. Pretty self explanatory =).

Man, I really should have taken pictures of everyone's work in progress... everyone else did some really great stuff!

Ah well, next week.


New apartment, new art studio!

Hooray! Done moving. After two grueling days of moving and two more days of setting up, it's starting to feel like home.

Here's a shot of my new studio set up. It's unused so far, so we'll see how long I keep it this way.

It's really nice to be able to spread out and have a set space for creating art. Now I don't have to worry as much about stepping on random art supplies laying around the living room!

Hmm, I should probably lay down a tarp or some cheap carpet in my studio though. Blah, I'll worry about it later.

Okay, 'night. Hopefully will have art to share tomorrow.

Three Inches Hi


"Three Inches Hi" - ink on canvas - 3" x 3"

Found some of these tiny canvases as I was packing things up... figured it might be fun to do a little doodle on one for tonight's post.

Good times. Packing still sucks.