"Snowman" - 7" x 10" - watercolor, gouache and ink on paper

Took a few tries, but finally got the blue version of the 'simple wash and mountain' series done.

But it looked too boring just like that, so I added a giant mechanical snowman. =)

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  1. Well, I just stumbled on your blog/website, and I think your art is simply amazing. Do you happen to sell it anywhere? An online shop or something perhaps? Prints or anything? I would be very interested in purchasing some of your works for my rather sparsely decorated room.
    Rithwik Hari

  2. Rithwik -

    Hi, thanks for your interest! I do have pieces for sale -- if you're interested you can let me know what you're interested in and I can respond with availability and pricing.

    I do have prints available as well: here (scroll down) or this one:



  3. I love it.
    You are a fucking god of your craft.
    I try really hard to draw well.
    But I don't know the techniques.
    But keep up the good work.
    Seeing as it's amazing.

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