"Standoff" - 12" x 9" - ink and gel pen on cardboard

Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend. Here are some fun new textures with white gel pen.

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  1. Hey man I really like your site I just found it while stumbling and I wanted to say that I love how you've got the intricate stuff going on and then you zoom out and see the theme or whatever you were reaching for. You're going in my bookmarks. Please keep doing this.

  2. your art never ceases to amaze me. (:

  3. Once again amazing stuff man

  4. Hey you have a real talent here man. I was wondering what you used for the white highlights in a lot of these pieces...they're pretty awesome.

  5. The white in this piece is done with a white gel pen -- pretty easy to find at any stationary store i think. . . =)

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