"Berry Picking"


"Berry Picking" - 12" x 9" - watercolor, gouache and ink on paper

Really enjoyed painting this piece =).



"Erupt" - 12" x 9" - watercolor, gouache and ink on paper

The photograph doesn't really capture the texture of the white areas... I may go back and photograph this again. Fun to paint though =).

I think this will be one of the pieces I'll be showing in the Gallery 1988 show I have coming up... But we'll see if I paint anything better in the meantime.

Ack, it's late!


Blue Wash Tree - WIP


Blue Wash Tree WIP - ink and watercolor on paper - 12" x 9"

Here is the start of a new piece... i wonder how it will turn out? Robots? Animals? Cities? Who knows... I guess we'll see tomorrow =).


"The Giant"


"The Giant" - 12" x 9" - watercolor, gouache and ink on paper

Was kicking this idea around in my head for a while... I like the way it ended up turning out =). I may do a few more like this as a series...

I guess we'll see.


Me Fail


"Me Fail" - digital

So... remember that big blue wash I did a few days ago? Screwed that one up too. Sad... I drew a huge tree on it, and then everything went to hell.

Ah well, I'll just try again tomorrow =P


new kicks


new kicks - fabric marker on shoes

It was a beautiful weekend, I'm glad I got to go out and enjoy it a bit! Also, I'm finally retiring my old pair of shoes (ridiculously worn out). So I bought a new pair (of the exact same kind of shoes) and doodled on the stripes.

Sort of done in the same style as my laptop bag.

The fabric marker is really great -- won't wear out or wash off, good stuff.

Back to the big blue wash I've been working on after tonight though!

'night -

Blue Wash (again)


20" x 15" - watercolor on illustration board

Here's another try at a wash. Haven't done a piece this big in a while, hope I don't screw it up =P

"Fake Genesis"


"Fake Genesis" - digital

I've always wanted to do a fake Genesis story, but the ideas I've come up with usually include robots.

I'll probably still do a robot one eventually, but until then here's a puking sun.


(or morning I guess. wow, it's late.)

"Drunk Drawing"


"Drunk Drawing" - digital

Drinks with coworkers were a little more free flowing than expected... Good times, good times =)

Blue Wash


I really like how this wash turned out, so I took a picture of it. This is probably the last picture of this particular painting that you all will see. . . (I started painting on it, and it got pretty ugly pretty quickly)


At least the wash was nice =/.



"Virus" - 10" x 7" - watercolor and ink on paper

This was going to be a calm forest scene, but for some reason the trees turned into a violent, bloody, mechanical virus.

My folks sometimes ask where my ideas come from -- sometimes out of curiosity, sometimes out of concern. I ask myself the same question every day.

I have no idea.


"Dawn Tree"


"Dawn Tree" - 9" x 9" - watercolor, gouache and ink on paper

This was a very painful weekend for painting. I have a stack of about five or six discarded washes and half complete paintings... Nothing was turning out right the way I wanted it to, everything kept looking like crap.

So I stepped back, took a deep breath, and decided to just do something simple. The ideas in my head weren't ready to be turned into paintings yet, so just let something flow without planning it.

And I ended up with "Dawn Tree". I like it =).

"Sharpie Monkey King"


"Sharpie Monkey King" - 17" x 14" - sharpie on paper

Had some friends over for a drinking and drawing night. Here's the crazy thing I came up with.

Also, we were drinking wine... but I didn't have a working corkscrew. So we improvised with a screwdriver, a screw, and a pair of pliers. Worked surprisingly well!

Gold Wash WIP


"Gold Wash WIP" - 10" x 7" - watercolor on paper

Stayed up too late last night finishing up "Baba Yaga Apocalypse". . . this is as far as I got tonight. Probably will finish it up tomorrow or the day after =) 'night!

"Baba Yaga Apocalypse"


"Baba Yaga Apocalypse" - 12" x 9" - watercolor and ink on paper

In Russion folklore, Baba Yaga is an ugly old witch who flies around in a mortar and lives in a house with chicken legs. More often than not, she's the antagonist in the story -- and ends up being thwarted at the last minutes.

So here's one view of a world where Baba Yaga has won. . .



"Relocation" - 12" x 9" - watercolor and ink on paper

Hard to see in the picture, but the blue paint is actually iridescent. Very pretty =).


"Defensive Measures"


"Defensive Measures" - 12" x 9" - watercolor, gouache and ink on paper

Fun to draw!

Power came back on yesterday, but the street is still crawling with the power company people. But hey, I have electricity and internet again, so I'm as happy as a fat kid with cake.

Lawrence the Luddite

Sorry, no drawings. I came back from work yesterday to find out that power was out in my entire apartment building. There had been an underground fire that hit power lines, and the power company has been working on it for the last 23 hours straight without end in sight.

So... no drawings for yesterday or today..

Oh wait! I drew a sausage man for a side project the other day! Here he is.

"Big Fish"


"Big Fish" - 10" x 7" - watercolor, gouache and ink on paper

I hear those gigantic mutant mech-organic flying fish are good eating.

Hmm... I like the concept, but I think the execution is wrong... I'm probably going to redo this one. . .

That's one problem with coming up with the concept halfway through the piece -- it doesn't always work out as a composition =(

"Not Birdman"


"Not Birdman" - digital

Timmy always had trouble making friends.



"Turquoise" - 10" x 7" - watercolor, gouache and ink on paper

I enjoyed drawing these trees. . .



"Treasure" - 10" x 7" - watercolor, gouache and ink on paper

Cool. This was totally going to be some sort of quiet sunset with a few cuddly animals... and then this robot showed up.

Funny how robots do that sometimes.