"Sharpie Monkey King"

"Sharpie Monkey King" - 17" x 14" - sharpie on paper

Had some friends over for a drinking and drawing night. Here's the crazy thing I came up with.

Also, we were drinking wine... but I didn't have a working corkscrew. So we improvised with a screwdriver, a screw, and a pair of pliers. Worked surprisingly well!

3 comments :: "Sharpie Monkey King"

  1. I love sharpie + art!
    Probably my favorite tool to use, cause you can use it on most surfaces. Like the back of my laptop.

  2. universal art tool. :DD.

    love this drawing

  3. Loved the improvised corkscrew tool! :-D

    I'll use it in emergencies for sure.

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