"Big Fish"

"Big Fish" - 10" x 7" - watercolor, gouache and ink on paper

I hear those gigantic mutant mech-organic flying fish are good eating.

Hmm... I like the concept, but I think the execution is wrong... I'm probably going to redo this one. . .

That's one problem with coming up with the concept halfway through the piece -- it doesn't always work out as a composition =(

4 comments :: "Big Fish"

  1. WOW! This is gorgeous!!!!

  2. Why aren't you a graphic designer or something? You have spectacular talent. I think you should make yourself more known! I would happily attend an exhibit as I live here in California as well. I can't get enough of your work! :)

  3. Thanks, glad you guys like it!

    Michael - I work as an information architect during the day, and that actually works out really well for me =). I organize and order things during the day, and then I paint and create things at night. Each part is necessary and balances out the other... I think if I just did one thing (work vs paint) I would go insane!

  4. Very - VERY! - cool!

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