"Virus" - 10" x 7" - watercolor and ink on paper

This was going to be a calm forest scene, but for some reason the trees turned into a violent, bloody, mechanical virus.

My folks sometimes ask where my ideas come from -- sometimes out of curiosity, sometimes out of concern. I ask myself the same question every day.

I have no idea.


7 comments :: "Virus"

  1. Yeah! But the virus seems too complicated.

  2. omg thats so amazing! how did you learn to do things like that???

  3. man, your work is truly amazing

  4. thanks guys, glad to hear you like this piece.

    it is a bit complicated, i agree =P but sometimes i have complicated things in my head that i need to get onto the paper!


  5. u'r work its amazing, and i know what u mean ejjeje i ask myself the same thing ^_^

  6. :O this is one of my favorites among your other pieces

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