"Robot Graveyard"


"Robot Graveyard" - ink, watercolor and gouache on paper - 6" x 6"

Here's a piece for the Robots and Monsters charity run by Joe Alterio -- the site is down right now as they're relaunching soon...

The idea of the charity project is that someone would donate money and request either a robot or a monster drawing - and specify three words that they want the drawing to be based on. In this case, the three words were "serenade, spectral, junkyard" and the donor wanted a robot drawing.

Fun to do, but I need to start figuring out how to balance side projects with gallery show preparations... ahh! Too much to do!

District 9 Poster - WIP


District-9 - Movie poster show WIP - watercolor, gouache and ink on a movie poster - 27" x 40"

Work in progress for the upcoming movie poster show at Gallery 1988. Pretty crazy, I very rarely work on pieces this big, so I'm trying to plan things out a little more than normal.

Hopefully will turn out alright though!

Here's what the original poster looked like -

Mechanical Skull


Mechanical Skull - digital

Busy working on a big piece for the next show coming up... so here's a quick little digital skull doodle.




"Heart" - pen on paper - 11" x 11"

Another doodle that got out of hand...

Dinner of Champions


"Dinner of Champions" - digital

Some friends and family have expressed concern that I may not have a healthy diet. To assuage their worries, I've drawn a representative meal (ie. what I ate today).

Hopefully, they will feel better now - everything I ate is (kind of) a fruit or vegetable!

Flying Lessons


"Flying Lessons" - 10" x 7" - watercolor, ink and pastel on paper

Still trying to work through what I'm going to draw for the upcoming movie poster show, but in the meantime... here's a new painting!



"Leashed" - 18" x 24" - marker on paper

Drew this weird thing last night before crawling into bed... may have been slightly drunk.

Good times though =)

Thursday Doodle


"Thursday Doodle" - ink on paper - 4" x 4"

Haven't done any painting in a while... Thought tonight was going to be the night, but the paints just aren't cooperating.

Maybe over the weekend?

Dry Erase City


"Dry Erase City" - dry erase marker on paper - 17" x 11"

Poker night tonight with the work crew... I had some downtime before the game started, so sketched a quick thing with dry erase marker on a piece of tabloid paper.

Something about using office supplies to create artwork... so satisfying =)




"Cheers" - digital

Went out to see a friend's band perform at The Hemlock in SF tonight. The band is Scrabbel and they were pretty awesome =). Take a listen here.

But yes, there was whiskey involved.

Good times!

Okay, time to sleep... work tomorrow...

Magazine Experiment


"Magazine Experiment" - 5" x 5"" - ink, watercolor and gouache on magazine paper

So there's a show coming up at Gallery 1988 SF in September. Each artist in the show was provided with a different movie poster (big posters) and were asked to paint on them.

The poster I got was Cocoon:

Should be fun, but the movie poster is made of this kind of reflective paper that I've never painted on before. We only get one shot at this, so decided to practice on the closest thing I could fine -- magazine paper. In this case, an old art catalog for Dick Blick.

Worked pretty well, I guess. The paper sort of repelled my attempts to paint a wash on it, but it took the india ink and gouache okay.

The paper got all wrinkled though. I'll have to try mounting some magazine paper and experiment some more. I have a few weeks, so there's time!

I hope. . . =P

The curator of the show put together a blog with more information about the show and provided login info to the artists -- So a few people have started talking about works in progress:


Hopefully more people will participate soon =)

"Tiny Triptych"


"Tiny Triptych" - 4 1/2" x 4" - ink, watercolor and gouache on paper

It was a good weekend! Well, not so much for painting -- I have about four or five half finished pieces in my 'scratch paper and or discards' pile... Lots of failure the last couple days.

That's okay though. I finished this little piece tonight and I'm pretty happy with it =).


Forest Spirit


"Forest Spirit" - 10" x 7" - ink and watercolor on paper

Inspired by Princess Mononoke.

Napkin Drawing


"Napkin Drawing" - 3" x 5" - ink and tea on napkin

Went out for work and was doodling on a napkin. Tried dripping some tea on the napkin for fun, and it ended up looking pretty cool!




"Equine" - 10" x 7" - ink and watercolor on paper

Back in SF!

Here's a weird horse thing.

Ta da

Funny Shaped Head


ink in moleskine

My parents had a couple extra moleskines lying around, so I took them =). Here's the first drawing of the sketchbook!

Heading back to SF tomorrow, it's been a really great trip! Home is always good to visit...

Hopefully will be back to posting normal paintings and paintings in progress starting tomorrow - -


Wedding Dinner Doodle


Wedding Dinner Doodle - ink on paper - ~5" x 9"

The past few days at home have been a blur -- seeing family and friends, watching my buddy get married, drinking copious amounts of alcohol. . .

Had a moment last night during the wedding dinner and did a quick doodle on the back of the dinner menu.

Ugh... still slightly hungover =P. It's been a good visit though =)



Tomato - 3" x 2 1/2" - ink and watercolor on paper + Photoshop

In Chicagoland - Naperville to be exact. It's good to be home! Caught up with the parents, ate some awesome home cooked food... and just relaxed.

I did have time to draw a little tomato though.

Okay, bye!

Ready to go!


Ready to head out to Chicago!

Will try to post when I can, otherwise I'll be back in full force next Tuesday.



Rock WIP


Rock WIP - 10 " x 7" - ink and watercolor on paper

Just experimenting with texture. . .

I'm heading back to Chicago for a week for a buddy's wedding... I'll be flying out tomorrow, so art posts will be intermittent and possibly drunk. We'll see what happens =).


Eraser Goomba


Eraser Goomba - kneadable eraser - 1.5" x 1.5" x 1.5"

Painting fail tonight. Here's an eraser monster.

Ta da!



"Uprising" - 4 1/2" x 7" - ink, gouache and watercolor on paper

Stayed up to finish this one, I like how it turned out =). Ack! Didn't get enough rest this weekend...

Definitely not enough hours in the day. Someone needs do something about that --




"Flowering" - digital