Magazine Experiment

"Magazine Experiment" - 5" x 5"" - ink, watercolor and gouache on magazine paper

So there's a show coming up at Gallery 1988 SF in September. Each artist in the show was provided with a different movie poster (big posters) and were asked to paint on them.

The poster I got was Cocoon:

Should be fun, but the movie poster is made of this kind of reflective paper that I've never painted on before. We only get one shot at this, so decided to practice on the closest thing I could fine -- magazine paper. In this case, an old art catalog for Dick Blick.

Worked pretty well, I guess. The paper sort of repelled my attempts to paint a wash on it, but it took the india ink and gouache okay.

The paper got all wrinkled though. I'll have to try mounting some magazine paper and experiment some more. I have a few weeks, so there's time!

I hope. . . =P

The curator of the show put together a blog with more information about the show and provided login info to the artists -- So a few people have started talking about works in progress:

Hopefully more people will participate soon =)

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  1. I have a suggestion. You could always get some REALLY fine grit sandpaper, and sand the spots you want to paint VERY gently. This might help at least as far as the paint sticking, but as for it not wrinkling... you're on your own for that one. My suggestion might even make it worse if you try, so be warned. Also, most local movie theaters are happy to give people posters when they ask for them if they're movies that aren't in theaters anymore. You could always go ask and that would be even closer than magazine paper. There's definitely going to be a thickness difference, so maybe that alone will be enough to prevent a wrinkle.

  2. Ahh, I'll have to try that! Thanks Susan =)

  3. You can defiantly get movie posters from the theater, I use to work at one and we gave those away like crazy. I like the project idea.

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