Dinner of Champions

"Dinner of Champions" - digital

Some friends and family have expressed concern that I may not have a healthy diet. To assuage their worries, I've drawn a representative meal (ie. what I ate today).

Hopefully, they will feel better now - everything I ate is (kind of) a fruit or vegetable!

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  1. haha in that case, I'm most definitely a champion. My diet isn't the best either. :P

  2. nom! watermelon! i should get myself OJ... must have vitamin C. must never get scurvy. must not be zombie.

    last week i had popcorn and diet soda for dinner. at least it was corn!

  3. if my parents only knew what I sometimes ate for dinner.....your dinner of champions is actually quite healthy!

  4. I love your stuff, it is really inventive and funny. You help inspire me sometimes check out my blog. You were the first blog i ever followed and now i have my own.

  5. Sort of like pizza, soda/pop, and usually candy is a breakfast of college kids? :)

  6. Ha, yeah, not my finest moment. But hey, it could be worse... At least I'm eating food, right? =)

  7. That's so excellent.

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