Breathing Wash


10 31 09 WIP - watercolor on paper - 12" x 9"

Lots of errands and things to do today (including Halloween drinking =)... but started things off for the next piece with a nice wash.

It's kind of funny, I took two pictures of the piece -- one while the paint was wet, and one when it was completely dry. I figured it might be appropriate to the season to make it into a breathing animation.

"Red Bear"


"Red Bear" - ink and watercolor on wood - 5" x 5"

It's a pretty big bear...

Dry Erase Bear


"Dry Erase Bear" - dry erase marker on paper - 11" x 11"

"Pomegranate Bear"


"Pomegranate Bear" - pomegranate juice and ink on paper- 3 1/2" x 5"

It's pomegranate season, which means pomegranates for dinner!

I was deseeding one, and the juice was getting everywhere... The color was incredibly vibrant, so I experimented with bursting some onto a scrap of paper.

And then I made it into a bear =).

Paint Drips (WIP)


Paint Drips WIP- ink on wood- 5" x 5"

Tonight was one of those nights =/.
Started a painting, then failed.
Started another painting, then failed again...
Started another painting, then decided to stop and take a picture because the ink flowing around the wood looked kind of cool.

And I decided to stop there because I'm tired and maybe I can continue without failing tomorrow =)


Bear Mountain


"Bear Mountain" - watercolor on paper - 12" x 9"

Experimenting... this might still be a work in progress.

Still getting used to painting on the white desk, it's a bit weird.


Slightly Obsessive

ink in sketchbook - around 8" x 5"

sketchy sketchy... the weekend is going by too fast!!

Seeya in a few days!

Heading out of town, not sure if I'll have computer access. If I do, I'll try to post sketches...


Green Wash WIP


Green Wash WIP - watercolor on paper - 12" x 9"

Didn't get very far with this one, but the new desk has been christened with its first splash of color =)

"Robot Bear Rampage"


"Robot Bear Rampage" - dry erase marker on paper - 18" x 13"

Had friends over today for art night and didn't feel like breaking in the new studio setup with paints yet. So I picked up my trusty dry erase marker and drew whatever came to mind.

Apparently I have enormous, emotionless, rampaging bears on the mind...


New studio!


Here's my new studio!

Well, it's my old studio, but I cleaned, organized and feng-shui-ed everything to the point of feeling new... I can't wait to break it in!

'night -

A small drawing of a bear with a tree growing out of its head


"A small drawing of a bear with a tree growing out of its head" - ink on illustration board - 2" x 6"

Hi all, sorry for the brief hiatus. I'm in the process of rearranging things in my apartment / studio - may take a bit until things are settled.

Until then, here's a small drawing of a bear with a tree growing out of its head.


It was rainy today


"It was rainy today" - photograph and digital

Well, it was rainy this morning... but the mood lingers. A little burnt out from prepping for all the shows, so I felt like changing things up. I took this picture on the way home from work yesterday and did the rest digitally.

'night =)

"The Reader"


"The Reader" - ink and watercolor on paper - 6" x 6"

This is a piece for the Robots and Monsters charity - source words: robot, books, chaos, gears. Learn more about the charity here.

It's nice to be doing something a bit less dark and monster-y =). I have another show coming up next week (after Eternal Sleep), so the theme for that should be a bit lighter.

And then I'll have a break, finally! Ha, three shows in a row really is kind of crazy. I need to start learning how to say no, or I might go insane.


Eternal Sleep Pieces


Finished framing these pieces tonight, going to drop them off at the gallery tomorrow. Should be a good show, I'm looking forward to it!

This show will be opening on Friday, October 16th at 1AM SF Gallery. More details here.

If interested in purchasing any of the pieces, they will go on sale the day of the opening, October 16th. Please get in touch with the gallery at (415) 861-5089. Each piece will go for $300.



"Judgement" - ink, watercolor and gouache on paper - 10" x 7"

It's been a very productive weekend -- here's the last piece for the "Eternal Sleep" show coming up at 1AM SF. Click through for higher res and process images!



"Drone" - ink, watercolor and gouache on paper - 10" x 7"

Getting ready for the next show now -- it'll be opening on Friday, October 16th at 1AM gallery in SF. Should be fun, it's skull themed! More details here. I'll be submitting a few pieces, including this one, and "Pet Monster" from a few days ago.

Last night's show was awesome, thanks to everyone who made it out!

Creep Show Catalog

Hi everyone,

The "Creep Show" exhibition at Lower Hater Gallery is coming up in a couple of days! I've received a few emails from people interested in purchasing pieces from the show but don't live in the area, so I've created an online catalog of sorts. If interested, you can check out which pieces I'm showing, their prices, and the gallery's contact information for purchase inquiries. Lawrence Yang Creep Show Catalog

All pieces will officially be available on Friday, October 9th, the day of the opening reception.
(and if you're in the SF Bay area, I'd love to see you there! Details here)
Let me know if you have any questions, thanks!


Pet Monster


"Pet Monster" - ink, watercolor and gouache on paper - 10" x 7"

The next show I'm getting ready for is skull themed. I'm still sort of in monster mode though, so it felt natural to include a 'pet' to keep the skull guy company =).

More details on this show to come. I think I'll be posting a catalog of artwork tomorrow for the show that is opening on Friday.


10 05 09 WIP


10 05 09 WIP - ink and watercolor on paper - 10" x 7"

One show ready, two more to go... This is the start of something that might work for the next show... maybe?

We'll see =P, I think I changed my mind after thinking about it a bit.

Creep Show -- ready to go!


Phew, finally finished framing the pieces late last night. Drafted a price list, threw everything in a suitcase, and took it to the gallery this afternoon.

Ready to go! Stay tuned, I'll be posting a full list of my pieces, their prices, and gallery information for those interested but not in the area.


Making progress


Just over halfway done framing pieces for the show... Hopefully will be able to drop the pieces off at the gallery tomorrow.

Also, I sent out a newsletter with details for the show coming up this Friday, October 9th. If you're in the Bay area, or just curious, you can read the newsletter here.

Mekkem Clothing designs


In non art-show related news, an old friend of mine has launched his online t-shirt shop.
Take a look!

mini photo studio


It's gotten to the point where I need to start documenting and framing pieces for the show. Here's my janky photo studio setup for pieces that are too big for my scanner.

Not as much fun as painting, but I guess it needs to be done =P.



"Dragonfly" - ink and watercolor on paper - 7" x 10"

Late night tonight. This guy was tenacious - I painted him a more colorful page to swim in, but he still didn't want me to stop drawing! So I drew more and more until I finally reached a point where I said "Screw it. I'm done with you!" And so I was.

Okay, it's probably time to sleep.

Dragonfly WIP


"Dragonfly" WIP - ink and watercolor on paper - 7" x 10"

Starting a new one... let's see where this goes!