Breathing Wash

10 31 09 WIP - watercolor on paper - 12" x 9"

Lots of errands and things to do today (including Halloween drinking =)... but started things off for the next piece with a nice wash.

It's kind of funny, I took two pictures of the piece -- one while the paint was wet, and one when it was completely dry. I figured it might be appropriate to the season to make it into a breathing animation.

7 comments :: Breathing Wash

  1. Thats cool:)

  2. How do you do that splash/splatter effect? Share your tricks! D:

  3. Hahaha, watching it breathe is totally awesome. When I first noticed it flipped me out.

  4. I found this and thought about your wash, check it

  5. wow

  6. @Afro - Nice, those are sweet!

  7. hey how you get that wash/ splash effect??! I have always wondered about that!

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