Pet Monster

"Pet Monster" - ink, watercolor and gouache on paper - 10" x 7"

The next show I'm getting ready for is skull themed. I'm still sort of in monster mode though, so it felt natural to include a 'pet' to keep the skull guy company =).

More details on this show to come. I think I'll be posting a catalog of artwork tomorrow for the show that is opening on Friday.


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  1. Brilliant! Wow.
    What's your method to get your lines to look like that? The ones branching out from the monster? They look so perfectly randomly placed; like twigs on a tree. I love it.
    Great job, as usual =]

  2. Would it be possible at some point for you to do a video of how you work? Even a time lapsed one would be pretty cool, or maybe a tutorial on your watercoloring techniques or something? :)

  3. Thanks guys, glad you like it!

    Danya - The branches and things look random because they kind of are =) I get that effect by blowing ink around.

    Cirien - Yup, I actually did a timelapse a while back as a test. Haven't done any more, but you can see that one here:

  4. wow this super, great..

  5. Cool artwork

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