"Pomegranate Bear"

"Pomegranate Bear" - pomegranate juice and ink on paper- 3 1/2" x 5"

It's pomegranate season, which means pomegranates for dinner!

I was deseeding one, and the juice was getting everywhere... The color was incredibly vibrant, so I experimented with bursting some onto a scrap of paper.

And then I made it into a bear =).

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  1. Very neat; the color works beautifully!

  2. Pom is good for you!

  3. hah! i love it

  4. hi there, i tried to email you about purchasing your work but it bounced back. can you email me? thank you!!

  5. I love this! I did something similar once but with blueberries. but its not quite as good as this one


  6. Thanks guys, glad you like it. Nick, that blueberry drawing is rad!

  7. superb even i had done something with pomegranate juice once..:)

  8. do the colors stay so vibrant over time? I thought they turned brown?

  9. Yeah, I was worried about that too -- I took some high res pictures of it, and will probably spray it with some sort of sealant. But I think it may eventually turn brown.

    Which could actually be pretty cool too =)

  10. This is awesome, and I love pomegranates!

  11. Hey, I'm from Australia and I randomly came across all your artworks it's exceptional!

    Couldn't help but comment... hehehe


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