Sharpie Monster

"Sharpie Monster" - marker on bristol - 17" x 14"

Weekly art night with friends =). Tried something new and weird with various size sharpie markers... came out pretty cool!


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  1. you are very talented and creative. i do a few drawings here there but they're more anime/manga kind of a thing. my talent lies ing hairstyles makeup and fashion. anyways, i really enjoy reading and looking at the art work you post.

    one day when my family and i move out, i want to buy a few of your pieces ^^

  2. Very Cool, I really like it!

  3. =) Thanks! Glad you guys like it... it was pretty interesting to try a different style and direction on this piece.

  4. Your drawings are off the hook sick! I really enjoy your blog, you have allot of great pieces. Thank you for sharing them!

  5. I like the minimalist feel of a single color ink on white paper, especially in black. LOVE your creation. Makes me want to play with Sharpies. And have an art night with friends.

  6. P.S. I found your Sharpie Monster when I was Googling for images of Sharpies, trying to find an image of these mini Sharpies I saw at Target, with funky barrel designs. I added them to my wishlist, so hopefully someone will buy them for me this Christmas. :D

  7. Thanks Tolana, glad you like it! Yep, sharpies are fun to draw with, the fumes are crazy though --

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