"Snail Rider"

"Snail Rider" - digital

Hmm, felt like making something odd and digital. So... here you go. A guy with a fruit tree growing out of his head riding on an oversized spiny snail. Ta da!

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  1. That's cute!

  2. It has a Christmasy feel to it. The fruit could also be ornaments. I like it, very cute.

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  4. I love it! I blogged about you at www.flufflefritz.com - hope you don't mind. Your work is uber cool, do you do logos?

  5. Thanks for blogging about me Kate! I'm glad to hear that there are people out there that dig my weird style, hehe.

    Haven't really tried my hand at logo design... the closest thing would be making fun of the new Pepsi logo: http://www.suckatlife.com/pepsiLogoBlowatlife.html

  6. Hey Lawrence, we are running a design contest in search of a new logo if you're interested in winning a Flip camera - you can check out the details here http://www.flufflefritz.com/2009/07/flufflefritz-design-contest-open.html I love your style and it would be great if you'd enter - you can contact me if you have any questions. Hope you're having a great week.


  7. cute! looks a lot like Japanese cartoons

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