"Depths" - Gelaskins

No new art tonight, but I did get my sample pack of "Depths" skins from the friendly folks at Gelaskins. This is my third skin design with them. Thanks guys!

Here's my iPhone, iPod nano, and the laptop skin that I'll apply to my work laptop tomorrow... Looking good =).

Check out all the Gelaskins at http://www.gelaskins.com
My artist page at gelaskins is here: http://www.gelaskins.com/artist.php?Artist=103

That's all I got, 'night!

4 comments :: "Depths" - Gelaskins

  1. Eeeeeeeek!Nice!

  2. gelaskins is how I found you. Loved the art so started following your blog. :D

  3. =) glad you guys like it! And yep, gelaskins has been awesome for me in terms of getting my art in front of a huge audience.

  4. Yeah I got me a Gelaskin - if your in the UK, you can buy one here - http://www.easyishop.co.uk/section.php/384/1/gelaskins

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