"Blue Mountain"

"Blue Mountain" - marker and ink in moleskine

Whew, back. A great but exhausting weekend! Other than travel delays both going to LA and coming back to SF (note to self, never take Delta again), everything went well.

The show was great, I got to meet a bunch of other talented artists -- I wasn't the only one from SF -- and the owner of the gallery. Turns out that I may have another show in Long Beach with the same gallery, but with only SF artists. Should be interesting -- there definitely is a different aesthetic between the SF artists and the LA ones. It could also be an age difference thing too though.

But yes, good times. Hung out with my friend, met up with my cousin, watched a movie, and did a ton of sketching.

It's good to be back. The weather is wretched, and I am soaked from walking the twenty minutes from the BART station up to my apartment tonight. Exhausted, and it's way too late (didn't get back until 1am) to do anymore painting.

soo.... g'night!
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