"Kraken" - ink, watercolor and acrylic on paper - 6" x 5"

Another monster, this time in the sea. I'm taking off for Chicago for a few days, so I may not be able to update this daily while I'm gone. I'll do my best though -- they may just be doodles in my sketchbook as opposed to full pieces.


4 comments :: "Kraken"

  1. Love your works and looking forward for more, even sketches.

  2. Wow awesome man! I'm loving your work! Do you sell these paintings or what do you do with them all?

    Tom, tom2will at DA

    June 14, 2009 at 1:08 AM

  3. Yup, I do sell these... just drop me an email if you're interested in purchasing a piece! lawrence@suckatlife.com

  4. Your kraken is really good, gaved me strange emotions of something deep, near to fear of spiders but not spiders. This kraken is ontologic

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