"Bunny 3"

"Bunny 3" - digital

busy, busy, busy monday...

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  1. This bunny's so cute ! keep going man ! ^^

  2. hello! did you draw this?

  3. yep. i drew everything on this blog.

  4. Very pretty! Other cute bunnies http://www.prettybunnies.com/

  5. Would you mind if I used this for a Graphics project at school? The project is a mock business and I chose to have a business involved with rabbits. This picture is too cute to pass up quietly.

  6. Yup, no problem -- Glad you like my work =)

  7. Cool :D

  8. I love this bunnie! Im going to draw it! :)

  9. Well I hope I draw it! This is from the previous comment! Thanks! :D

  10. can i borrow it as image for my yahoo messenger avatar and blogger profile? thanks. :)

  11. heh sure, no worries.

  12. this bunny pic reminds me of max the rabbit from the fox kids show and computer game sam and max freelance police

  13. oh hey do you draw for gelaskins? i have the purple tree one for my ds! =)

  14. Yup, Gelaskins has a few of my designs in their line of products =)

  15. ur work is amazing i just lov bunnies !!!!!

  16. hey. i love this bunny. i wanted to get a new tattoo and when i saw it, i knew it was perfect. now it's staring at my ribs in curiosity :)

  17. Hi! I just found this cute bunny on a google search...have you considered drawing digi stamps??? Yes it is a crafty thing but they would love this kind of stuff and I saw your other art work...great stuff...you should give it try!!! Thanks! nettlecreekarts.com

  18. its really cool! im gonna draw this bunny and put it up on the wall!
    its so simple, but so affective!
    i love it!!!

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