Squid Doodle

"Squid Doodle" - ink on paper - 4" x 8"

3 comments :: Squid Doodle

  1. i think its really cool i like the way it mechanic in a way but also it flows as well via the tentacles kinda a twist on the slim lined effect
    Awesome work:)

  2. Hey I think it's great I love the details. Great to see that in chaos there's still order. Great job.

  3. I'm currently majoring as an advertising designer at New York University, and I was assigned to design a billboard poster featuring diverse types of abstract for Threads Fashion Show. This really caught my attention and I was wondering if you give me permission to use this sketch. The details are captivating, amazing really, and will work perfectly for my project. Mr. Yang, for further information, you can contact me at the Tisch School of Arts, located at the office of development and alumni relations at New York University.

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