"Citadel" - ink, watercolor, pastel on illustration board - 20" x 14"

Been busy painting and prepping for the upcoming show in Long Beach... Here's the latest one! Haven't touched this theme in a while, but I like how it looks! My technique has definitely evolved over time...

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  1. I have no idea what kind of person you are. That is, I don't know how to address my comments to you.

    I suppose honesty is the best policy and bloggers should consider themselves like performance artists in one sense.

    The thing is, I think you have a beautiful touch. Not pretty, not cool, but beautiful.

    Please remember that any comment I make in the future will be rooted in the visceral stuff. Which is weird, cuz you observed a cerebral bent over at my blog-thingy, and yet, I am responding to your work because of the handling of materials.

    In my mind, that is what you are good at. No easy task, let me tell you. Not that the story or the citadel isn't important, but I feel that you should watch out for Disney-fication.

    because you have obviously got the chops, here is my request: make something that only YOU can identify with. . . or so you assume.

    Of course, the other option, and most sensible one is to keep doing what you think is right.

    But shit, why have a blog then? (I'm sort of talkin' to myself here) Are you the kind of person that needs positive reinforcement? Or are you a sucker for reverse psychology?

    bla bla bla
    paint on brother

  2. I really love your work. Everything is so amazing! I LOVE the color of this one. I think you have a great technique, and your style is so unique too. I look forward to your next pieces.

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