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I still can't post the Christmas presents I've been painting for friends and family, but at least there's some other interesting stuff going on --

So at work they're installing skylights in our building. To shield the rest of the building from all the construction dust and noise, they put up temporary walls made of plywood. They even painted them white so it fits with the rest of our office decor! . . . and essentially they looked like one big canvas to me...

I started small, with little figures around the edges. And when no one yelled at me, I went nuts. Here are the results to date:

(click through to see larger images)

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  1. Great stuff!!

  2. I really love your drawings!! They are sooooooooooo beautiful!!! :D

    Kisses and hugs from Buenos Aires, Argentina!

  3. hooray!

    Maybe your work will commission a piece.

  4. haha it's so tempting when you see a white "canvas" with no one around XD I draw a bit everywhere too even on the wall in the classes. I usually sit in the back so that no one can see me do it XD

    They're really nice by the way. Love the angel one ^-^

  5. Not a surprise that no one yelled at you - that's awesome work.

  6. Thanks all =) I'm glad no one yelled at me too... Hopefully after the construction is done they'll let me take home that piece of wood. Ha.

  7. found this on stumbleupon. Super cute design ^^

  8. These are beautiful (and adorable)!
    Love your work

  9. Awesome! What did you use to draw on the walls?

  10. Glad you all like them! I used a black sharpie to do these --

    Happy holidays!

  11. i love this! so good!

  12. Love it!

  13. love the little character!
    saw a little female looking character in another post... them two holding hands would be super cute

  14. It's so cuuuuuuute!I would like to borrow some images if it's okay. I'ma credit and link you too. Thanks and more power! :)

  15. What a great use for a big blank space. Wanna come to my house and do the walls?

    They remind me of the spirits in Princess Mononoke.

  16. would you mind if i did a tattoo of one of your little men on someone?

  17. Simply incredible

  18. awesome :D loveitloveitloveit

  19. I'd love to have this on my bedroom :)

  20. love your work....simple,colorful,vivid....nice! :)

  21. Excellent! I really enjoy all the freestyle patterns and the simplicity of your figure work...

  22. Great work! I hope it's not too temporary, I'd hate to see all these gotten rid of! The patterns are fantastic - they remind me of some of the ink drawing that I love doing. Thanks for posting!

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