"Snow" - ink, watercolor and gouache on illustration board- 15" x 20"

Hooray! After two weeks, this piece is finally done. For some reason I got distracted drawing bears all the time. Was very tempted to add a bear here, but decided against it.

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7 comments :: "Snow"

  1. I like the addition of the angels, like snowflakes falling to the ground.

  2. I'm in love with your work!
    I just bought your book.

  3. it's beautiful

  4. Thanks guys =)

  5. Honest feedback?

    I feel like all your stuff looks the same lately

    I adore everything you do,

    but I'm getting really bored.

  6. i found your site through stumbleupon.
    this is beautiful! feels like it has two meanings--sad/depressed and hopeful.

  7. Very impressive

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