Blossoming Tree

"Blossoming Tree" - ink, watercolor and gouache on paper - 9" x 12"
(tabletop background saturation bumped back in Photoshop)

Yup. This one definitely got crazy. Maybe too crazy.

5 comments :: Blossoming Tree

  1. i like it! it reminds me of spring where im from.

  2. your artwork is amazing :)

  3. It's not a bad kind of crazy, at least haha. I'm enjoying it.

  4. no such thing as too crazy. beautiful <3

  5. I have just started looking through your art today, and i absolutely love everything i have seen, and they have actually inspired quite a few tattoo ideas that i wanted but could never find pictures for, and i would like your permission to use a couple pieces of your art?
    you can email me at with your answer, and thankyou very much :)

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