Face 05 02 10

Face 05 02 10 - gouache and watercolor on paper

Lots of failed pieces this weekend... but every failure has something good about it.
Here's a chunk of a piece that I ultimately scrapped... but I like how this face turned out =)

9 comments :: Face 05 02 10

  1. That looks awesome. Too bad it ended up being scrapped :/

  2. Can you dig it out of your trash can and mail it to me? :)

  3. Go with it again, please! I think it is a wonderful concept and design. So organic!

  4. Thanks, glad you guys like it! Nope, I didn't actually throw this away... the rest of the piece just didn't work out the way I wanted it to. I'll still be exploring this theme and will probably be trying it again =)

  5. I'm so relieved to read that it didn't make actually make it in the 'trash'. I can't wait to see what comes of this inspiration. It's very ethereal and wistful!

  6. Nice one! Congratulations!

  7. This picture is beyond beautiful!!!

  8. oh I think it's amazing!!!

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