Bear Doodle

"Bear Doodle" - ink on paper - 3" x 5"

More bears! I'm out of town again this weekend at a bachelor party. Will try to draw, but will most probably be too drunk to do anything worth posting.

Unless it's really funny, then I might post a drunk drawing.

Seeya next week!

8 comments :: Bear Doodle

  1. Gawd they are soooooo uberly CUTE!!! i love it!!!

  2. You're rad. And it's all so inspiring

  3. Nothing good comes from drawing drunk haha.

  4. I love your work, and I especially love this little drawing. Is it for sale?

  5. Glad you guys like it =). I don't usually sell my doodles though, sorry!

  6. This drawing makes me smile I don't know why :) Very nice I like it.

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  7. cute cute cute cute damn cute!!!!

  8. It's a interesting news,i like it

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