Experiment 110110

Experiment 110110 - 8" x 8" - mixed media on paper

Still playing around with this technique, trying to figure it out -

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  1. So beautiful (: The colors mix perfectly. Your ink skills never cease to amaze me.

  2. This is gorgeous!

  3. I saw this out of the corner of my eye and thought of the Jonsi concert next week in DC. If you haven't, check out what he's doing on his solo tour and the artwork accompanying his album.

  4. What kind of inks are you using in this? Very nice colours! I love working with inks myself, I find that I have to trust them to do the work for me rather then force a result.

  5. Water color and ink! :D my favorite.

  6. Definitely enjoyed this piece, very entrancing. :D
    I feel happy and dark when I look at it.

  7. Thanks guys, glad you like it! It's just normal permanent ink (Higgins) that you can get at an art store... plus some liquid watercolors and liquid acrylics.

  8. Uau... I love all your works
    Congratulations ;)

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