"Journey" - ink and acrylic ink on canvas board - 6" x 6"

Trying new materials on a new surface. Liking the result!

5 comments :: Journey

  1. Didn't even know there was such thing as acrylic inks! This looks very nice.

  2. Gorgeous! It looks like Alaska.

  3. Oh my. I found your art through stumbleupon and it is breathtaking. The silhouettes and the colours in this one reminds me of my childhood visiting my grandparents and looking up at the northern lights at night. So beautiful.

  4. How do you create the smooth, gliding effect with the colors, in this case with the northern lights? I've been trying a few techniques but none have worked...

  5. I love this piece, I feel like that all too often. Keep up the good work I love following your blog, thank you so much for sharing!

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