"Restore" - ink, acrylic ink, and watercolor on paper - 10" x 7"

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  1. another great work lawrence!
    btw, do you mind if i featured you on my blog?. thanx

  2. Great work of Art, love the way you mixed all those mediums. Keep it up

  3. Found on tumblr - this is amazing! Are you selling prints?

  4. Thank you Lawrence for sharing such beauty. There is hope yet.

  5. I love all your work. i just have one question what inspires you?

  6. btw i love your trees!

  7. amazing:]

  8. This is beyond amazing. Is it going on sale?

  9. Thanks folks, glad you like it! It was available, but there's already a buyer --

  10. Very nice. I've watched your work via rss feed for awhile and I think you're truly amazing. On a whim I thought I'd try to figure out your technique. The attempt has given me even more respect for your abilities :)

  11. this is absolutely amazing, i am really inspired!

  12. Hi there,

    Like several of the others here, I saw this piece on Tumblr. I just wanted to say that this is beautiful, and so are the other pieces in your portfolio. This one in particular inspired a haiku from me, here:

    Not the best I know, but I thought I'd share.

    I hope that I remember to come find your blog (or other outlet) in the future, when I have a house with empty walls!

  13. Well, so amazing! georgus !! You're very talented and you drew me espaecially on this one because the message is beautiful, a tree growing on waste ...

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