061611 WIP

"061611 WIP" - acrylic ink, watercolor, and ink on paper - 14" x 10"

Starting something new...

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  1. Nice.

  2. i'm just curious -- why such a negative name for your blog? your artwork is so -- wonderful. i'm not sure if you've studied color theory or if you're just a natural, but your use of color is fantastic, and your gift is so fresh and original. it brings me happiness. what could be more positive than the ability to bring joy to people in this way?

  3. Ha, thanks man. The negative name is something that kind of just started as a joke when I was in college, and I've never really transitioned my site yet. Planning on an eventual move to a different site name though!

  4. epic, cant get my eyes of it... feel every colour and curve as a source. nice, thanks for creating :)

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