Japan Dreams

"Japan Dreams" - acrylic and ink on skateboard deck - 31" x 8"

"Japan Dreams" - detail

Here's the finished piece for the Plywood for Good charity by Collective Good. Collective Good has partnered with Direct Relief International to donate 100% of the proceeds from Plywood for Good to aid the rebuilding efforts in Japan.

This piece, along with 29 other skateboards painted by other artists, will be auctioned off on Thursday, July 14 at Project One in San Francisco. See here for more details: Plywood for Good

6 comments :: Japan Dreams

  1. Nice synergy between your art and the medium.

  2. Amazing... I wish there was a gelaskin of it as well haha.

  3. Wow, your blog is so inspiring! I immediately clicked the follow button. :)
    Keep on posting, 'cause I'll be waiting for more inspiration. ♥

    kibear ♥

  4. You! An inspiration source! Regards from Sweden.

  5. AWESOME!♥

  6. I am both and artist and a skateboarder so speaking with both hats THAT IS AMAZING, I have always wanted to make a piece on the top of my deck but they don't have any good clear griptape.

    I would most defianitly buy a snow or skateboard with your art on it.

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