Video interview time!

A buddy of mine helped me shoot a video interview a while back, and he just finished editing. If you were ever curious about the things that go on in my head, wanted to see how I paint, or what my studio looks like – check it out!

Thanks to Jonny Kloberdanz at!

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  1. Hey Lawrence!
    I like the video and how it gives insights to your process of painting and your inspiration! I always loved your mix of modern stuff with the chinese traditional style.
    Also cool to see paintings in the video that i did not see on your website before :]

  2. I really enjoyed getting this peek into your life. I've been following your site for awhile, and it's nice to "get to know" the person behind the pictures :)

  3. Wow that was really great :D

    I love your paintings so much, I agree, It's really nice to get to know you a bit better, we feel closer to you, I hope greater things come on the future :)

  4. I love your work and thought this was an excellent interview. Its nice to see the person behind the artwork!

  5. god you're amazing you know that? you made it seem so effortless, and I'm like "whatever yeah I can do that" except I can't, nowhere near as close get it right as you can. keep at it, you're work is extraordinary.

  6. OMG! This totally made my day! I've been following your blog since you did the girl walking goldfish piece! :D

  7. Wicked vid! You're work has really given me the inspiration to keep going with my own art. In school now for some pretty left-brined stuff too so it's nice to see someone else keepin' at it. Loved the process behind the wash. Very interesting! Keep up the awesomeness! :)

  8. Thanks everyone, I'm glad you enjoyed the interview!

  9. You are truly an amazing artist, Lawrence!!! Love this video! ~Brenda

  10. You're artwork is amazingly beautiful!

  11. Your art is truly amazing! Great interview. I can't wait to see your next work!

  12. This was great, its was really awesome to learn more about the artist.

  13. I really liked this -- it was really cool to see the painting coming together and hear you talk about art as an 'escape' of sorts from everyday life!

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