"Hydra" - sharpie on bristol paper - 24" x 17"

This ended up... not quite how I expected it to. Crazy, haha.

"Hydra" - work area

6 comments :: Hydra

  1. Great, great work!

  2. The variety of line weights make the subject interesting. Nice work!

  3. Amazing!
    im consistently impressed by you!

    Also Kudos to you for being on the Apple Keynote, i didnt expect to see you there.

  4. Lawrence.
    Your blog is everywhere. You are extremely prolific.
    Where do you find the time to complete so many pieces?
    You find yourself ever stopping or changing your personal style?
    Love the trees you do.

  5. I love it. There are so many neat details to pick up in all those faces, let alone what connects them. Beautiful work.

  6. How did you not expect greatness?!

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