"Follower" - ink and watercolor on paper - 10" x 7"

Triptychs are fun.  And wow, my table looks crazy in the background here!

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  1. It wasn't that long ago your table was clean and new.

  2. (I tried to post with WordPress but it says my OpenID references cannot be verified - so anonymously it goes)
    Hello Lawrence! Yours is one of very few blogs I revisit. Many are bookmarked but I never visit them. Yours I just always know the address of, don't need a bookmark. I just made the weirdest association with your work when I came across this Zen Gyotaku site. I studied Japanese art so am always a little partial towards methods from that part of the world. Although the topic and technique are totally different from yours, it made me think of your innovations! You can just delete this comment, but please take a look...

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