Big big big weekend!

Fun times this weekend =)

Friday night I got my t-shirts, they looked great, and are now officially on sale here.

Then to celebrate, went out to sing KTV with some friends.

Yesterday was a long long day, but really good -- Noon to six was a comics / zine expo, my first ever. Really cool, I met a ton of great people, sold some books, and learned a lot about the fine art of balancing art and work.

Here's some of the swag I got -- some really great stuff by Ben Seto and Toshiko Kamiyama =)

After the expo, there were performances, music, and drinking (of course) -- awesome stuff, awesome time, a bunch of friends came out, I was happy!

And here's a detail view of something I've been working on for a while... hopefully it'll be done soon!

Okay, bye!
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