"Octopus" - ink in moleskine

I really like this one! I may turn it into something bigger... Too bad I was so pissed and unhappy when drawing it.

My flight to San Francisco was delayed by two hours, so instead of arriving at 10pm, it would arrive at 12:20am. This meant that I would miss the last BART home, meaning I'd have to fork over a ton of money to a cab to get home. So I managed to fly standby to Oakland an hour earlier-- but since that plane was delayed, and they had to check my bag, I still managed to just barely get on the last BART home.

I got home at 1:30am and was quite tired. 17 hours on the road -- indianapolis to naperville to midway to oakland to san francisco to home... ah well.

Posting this late, since I just got back from my trip.

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  1. one of my favorites from your trip :)

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