Prints for sale hooray!!

Growth prints!

So I finally got my test prints, and they look great! =). Here's a picture of them all, with my shoe there for size comparison.

I will be printing and selling prints through I'm very excited about the quality of prints and the choices they offer -- all kinds of fancy papers, mats, frames, canvas prints, different sizes, etc.

And of course, it's all up to you as to how fancy or how simple you'd like to get it. Current prints available (after sounding out friends and interested parties) are Growth, Meeting, and Touch.

Also, new shirt designs and styles are for sale. I've added girl shirts for "Nice to Meet You" and "Bad Dream", and added two new designs: "Someone Push Me" and "Childhood Dream". Take a look here for sizes and prices.
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  1. Hi my names darren and im from liverpool and i was just wondering do you sell these pictures as i would love to have a copy of the large one.
    P.S Great work by the way.

  2. Hi darren, it's good to hear from you! glad you like the work --

    Unfortunately, you didn't leave an email address, so hopefully you'll be coming back here to check this post.

    But yes, I am selling these prints -- through imagekind. You can get directly to this piece as a print by following this link:


    Hopefully that works.

    Thanks, take care!


  3. cbell53

    My names Craig and im interested in your drawings and possibly purchasing some prints. my email is . When i check Groth the image doesnt come up so i dont know what it would look like and such. Pleas email me back as i am interested in a few things.

    Thank You.

  4. Good words.

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