"Meeting Tree"

"Meeting Tree" - ink, watercolor, pastel and colored pencil on illustration board - 20" x 14"

Here is what yesterday's wash turned into! (after I posted last night, I actually stayed up a few hours longer to work on it more) -- lots of spatter work on this one...

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  1. We gotta talk.

  2. dude i love this one! when does paper pushers close? i'm going to be in the bay area in 1.5 weeks and would love to go there with wendy.

  3. Wow! I really love this. I just happened to stumble on your web page and love your work.

  4. I found your stuff through a Google search of "vines". funny. I love your style. Seeing this kind of stuff makes me want to do more drawing and painting. Keep it up.


  5. Planning on making this a limited edition print? I would love to purchase one.

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