buttonlicious weekend.

The fruits of my labor over the weekend... I made nearly 400 buttons. Ridiculous.

Also, I came up with an idea of doing premium buttons -- taking a painting and carving out actual scraps of the painting to make into buttons. It'll be interesting to see if people would be interested in purchasing these one of a kind type items. =).

3 comments :: buttonlicious weekend.

  1. I love the buttons. Jane was modeling one for us. So cool!

  2. I like the buttons. Wish you had more variety of prints avaliable as well. I like the chase but there are others I prefer....

  3. Odd Pint -

    I have a few prints over at Gelaskins:

    "Growth" - https://www.gelaskins.com/skins.php?Skin=157&Category=29

    and "Shore" - https://www.gelaskins.com/skins.php?Skin=220&Category=29

    But otherwise I'm always looking for feedback! Definitely let me know if there are other pieces you'd like to see as prints --


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