December 6th Solo show: sideshow

flyer front

flyer back

Sweet! I finished the flyer for my upcoming solo show, "sideshow", in the Castro.

Opening reception is Saturday, December 6th, 2008 at Given.
575 Castro St. San Francisco, CA

Click through to see more details and the artist statement.

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  1. Good luck ^-^
    I so want to be there.

    By the way I've received your portfolio. Thank you so much, as I thought it was awsome. Love every single painting. I also got you some fans too hahaha I'm a bit sad though because the mailman just smashed the book in my 5' x 10' mailbox so the book is a bit torn out from the side

  2. Agh, that sucks, I'm sorry Kat =(. I was hoping that shipping it in a rigid mailer would dissuade the mailman from squishing stuff...

    I'm glad that you like the book though ---

  3. sweet a show i might actually be able to see :D

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