"Orange Explorer " - ink and watercolor on wood - 8" x 8"

"Green Explorer " - ink and watercolor on wood - 8" x 8"

"Purple Explorer " - ink and watercolor on wood - 8" x 8"

It's been a crazy busy few days... Got a lot of painting done -- here are a few more wood pieces for the show in a couple weeks!

This may be it in terms of pieces for the show... I need to start planning out how I'm going to lay it all out in the gallery space. I'll still paint and experiment and post in the meantime though =).


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  1. Hi Lawrence,

    I just love your style and its a pleasure to see the adventures of that little black boy with his balloons. Sad though that he lost them...

    I like to paint as well and I am interested about the wood, I would like to try paint on that surface, I was thinking that maybe you could give me some advice about it, especially where to buy it ?

    I enjoy watching your work, thanks, I will be here saturday at your show.
    I hope to hear from you soon,


  2. Hey Celine -

    I'm glad you like my work! Wood is really great to experiment with -- the only thing to keep in mind is if you're dealing with a very runny medium (like ink) it will tend to run along the grain of the wood and bleed.

    I pick these pieces of wood up at Blick art supply, but I'm sure you can get them at any art store... they're precut and come with a divot to hang them by on the back. A lot of artists are fancy and buy wood themselves to cut and treat... I don't have time for that though =P

    Glad to hear you'll be at my show on Saturday! See you!


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