Aww... Fuck.

"Aww... Fuck" - ink on mat board- 2" x 3"

Something small for tonight... the robot from yesterday's post has been irreversibly damaged and is now resting in the discard pile. R.I.P.

It's okay though, maybe I won't screw up the next one =).

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  1. *WANT*

  2. i love that ._.

  3. Aww...robot was looking so cool too.

  4. hehe lol gotta post something recording to this later on ;)

  5. now here is the post I kind of promised ;) :

    that's what i did about 1 month earlier from now
    funny that you had the "same" idea :)

    i've loved your images that much, that i had to try it on my own

    keep on rocking!
    greets from Germany, Eiko

  6. hahah! Awesome!! :D

  7. Aww!!! It's SOO CUTE! I want it on a t-shirt :P


    March 22, 2010 at 6:28 PM

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