First post of 2010

Crayola Model Magic is fun! Caught up with an old friend last night, and we just sat around making little clay figures... like bunny snails, bunny slugs, bunny giraffes...

Happy New Year everyone =).

(backdating this post because my hosting service was down for a couple hours last night. grrrrrr...)

7 comments :: First post of 2010

  1. How fun!

  2. they're lovely... and mutant!

  3. WOW they look SO SMOOTH! are they as smooth as they look?

  4. Thanks guys! Yep, they're pretty smooth -- this clay stuff is really easy to work with... too bad it's not very durable once it dries =/

  5. I know why I love your artwork so much! They remind me of Justin Cherry's artwork. He too created artwork with some dream-like bunny creatures in them. I'm going to go buy me some Crayola Model Magic now...

  6. This is great.

  7. Those look adorable! I love the smoothness, too bad it doesn't last... :(
    Haha just a thought, maybe you want to join the 1 million giraffes thing ( with those bunny giraffes! ;)
    And I'm really impressed, your blog is amazing. I love the drawings you've uploaded too, keep up the great job! :)

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