Hyphen Live Painting!

So this past Friday I was invited by Hyphen Magazine to do some live painting at their 19th issue release party. I was happy to accept... and it was a blast!

It was definitely a bit intimidating to take a break to grab a sip of beer, look behind me and see a big crowd of people standing there watching me silently.

So I drank more beer.

I was joined halfway through by my buddy Joe To, who helped on the last robot piece.

And then someone gave me a corn dog!

Good times.

pictures from Hyphen Magazine's Flickr
and John C. Liau photography

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  1. awesome. I wish I had gone!

  2. http://sleepy-gargoyle.deviantart.com/art/The-Brierly-Tree-155878111

    i ran into this on deviant and it reminded me of a certain someone...

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